Ambassador Program

We having an Ambassador Program, and we are taking applications!

Go ahead and apply below...


Who is a Slenddy Ambassador?

The Slenddy Ambassador is a leader in the fitness industry and the best in their field. They are magnetic and authentic influencers. They keep their clients motivated in innovative and exciting ways.

If you are a yoga teacher/ owner of yoga gyms/ yoga enthusiast

Please contact


We are committed to giving our ambassadors:

1.You will get one piece of our product for free.

2.A unique discount code for you and for your clients, followers, friends, and family members.

3.A attractive commission if you help us to promote and sell products.


An Ambassador supports Slenddy in impactful ways...

1.Through social posts that represent our product in action.

2.By sharing our brand story and product.

3.By fostering important studio relationships.

4.By modeling of our collections during your classes and live streams, on our website, and in our catalogs.

5.Sharing design feedback + style inspiration and keeping us relevant and on top of emerging trends in the fitness space.


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